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Cockatiel advice and first aid 101, is a website designed for parrot owners to get quick and up to date advice on all aspects of parrot care. I have ensured that all advice offered on this site is made user friendly so that owners don’t have to wade through long lengthy articles of unnecessary information to find what they searching for.

Whether you own one parrot or have an Avery full of parrots, this site will help you not only care for your birds but help you build long lasting relationships with them.

I was born and raised in Africa in a national park and have spent my entire life being surrounded with animals, so it was only natural for me to choose a career path that included them. My first involvement with birds was when I was a child and my mother had an Avery full of Australian laughing doves as well as some native African birds, which I helped her care for, breed and rise. Since then I have always had a fascination and love for birds.

I have spent years researching, working and caring for parrots as well as other animals. Over the years I have volunteered and worked at a variety of animal and bird sanctuaries as well as veterinary clinics to gain as much knowledge and qualifications as I could.

I am now currently self employed as a parrot behaviourist and have created this site to share all my growing, learning, knowledge, experience and love for parrots with you all. I truly hope that your parrots can benefit from the information provided in my articles.

All articles on this website have been written by me (Lisa Morrison MISAP) unless stated otherwise.

Additional articles that have been added to this website are written by my close friend Katie Madison who has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in parrot keeping. (Articles written by Katie show her name at the heading of each one.)

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